Spring Cleaning Your RV or Trailer: Getting Ready for Hitting the Road

The sun is shining, the birds are singing, and the open road is calling! It’s time to break free from winter’s grip and dust off your RV or trailer for exciting adventures ahead. But before you hit the gas, a good spring cleaning and some basic maintenance are essential. Here are some quick and easy tips to get your RV or trailer ready for a smooth and enjoyable journey:

Interior Cleaning:

  • Declutter and Deep Clean: Start by removing everything from your RV or trailer. This allows for a thorough cleaning of cabinets, floors, and furniture. Donate or toss unused items to lighten your load and maximize space.
  • Freshen Up Fabrics: Wash curtains, blinds, and throw pillows. Sprinkle baking soda on upholstery and mattresses, let it sit for 30 minutes, then vacuum for a fresh and clean feel.
  • Don’t Forget the Kitchen and Bathroom: Wipe down appliances, cabinets, and countertops. Clean out the refrigerator and restock with fresh supplies. Disinfect showers, toilets, and sinks.

Exterior Cleaning:

  • Wash Away Winter’s Woes: Give your RV or trailer a good wash with soap and water. Pay close attention to the roof, awnings, and wheels.
  • Inspect and Seal: Check for any cracks or leaks on the roof and exterior walls. Apply sealant as needed to prevent water damage.
  • Shine On! A coat of wax can protect your RV or trailer’s exterior from the sun’s harsh rays and make it look its best.

Basic Maintenance:

  • Top Off and Check Fluids: Ensure all fluid levels, including engine oil, coolant, and windshield washer fluid, are topped off and within recommended levels.
  • Tire Time: Check tire pressure and inspect for any wear or damage. Don’t forget the spare!
  • Lights, Camera, Action!: Test all your lights, including headlights, taillights, brake lights, and turn signals. Ensure all mirrors are adjusted for optimal visibility.

Hitting the Road with Confidence

By following these simple tips, you can ensure your RV or trailer is clean, well-maintained, and ready for anything the road throws your way.

Need a Helping Hand?

At Iron Horse RV and Trailers, we understand that not everyone has the time or tools for extensive maintenance. Our expert technicians can handle anything from a simple oil change to minor repairs, or even bigger repairs if needed, all at affordable prices. We’re conveniently located in Rexburg Idaho off of Exit 332 (near Rexburg Motor Sports) and are happy to help you get your RV or trailer in top shape for your next adventure!

So, grab your supplies, roll up your sleeves, and get ready to enjoy the freedom of the open road with a sparkling clean and well-maintained RV or trailer!

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